Garden booty

The good news is that squirrels leave the peppers alone. Nothing touches the basil either. Squirrels are not interested in cherry tomatoes. The bad news is that we have some really health-conscious bugs that completely consumed the lettuce and kale. Not really happy with the squirrel that picks my ripe San Marzano’s and takes a single bite— over and over.

I have placed a net over the tomatoes, but it is only a deterrent— a determined squirrel can still find a way in. Until we can afford a greenhouse, it will have to do.


I present this loaf of bread as a tribute to my Dad. He used to bake bread every weekend, and this was one of his loaf pans. He made cloverleaf rolls in honey whole wheat that we have the recipe for. He had a potato bread recipe for special occasions that has been lost to time.

I can only imagine that he enjoyed making bread—as do I. He tried to continue making bread even as his mind failed him. So here’s to you, Dad.

Stickhenge recovery area

A mere two weeks later and the Stickhenge recovery area is showing progress. It will stick out for a long time to come, but it does have an amusing “football” shape.

Stickhenge is no more

Those of you that are following along will remember that shortly after we moved to this house, a derecho storm snapped a 50 foot Maple tree in our front yard in half. The remaining portion of the tree, bereft of branches, was nicknamed “stick.” One cool chainsaw purchase later, and I had a number of “seat-height” logs. We arranged them in a circular fashon on a newly cleared area and declared it “Stickhenge.”

Many a cool evening, we gathered at Stickhenge to sacrifice marshmallows.

This year, the ‘henge has been overcome by the forces of nature. The giving tree has given, and not even a stump remains.


Fall (so far)

Tammy has done an amazing job of making the front of our house look nicer over the past 5 years. She will downplay her skills, but they are there. Here’s an example. This pretty little thing is a Fall bloomer. 

Garden, 2016

If anything, having a garden has made me appreciate farmers more than I did previously. I know Tammy gets a great deal of satisfaction (and bug bites) working in the garden, but several years into it we have yet to have a bumper crop of anything.

It’s not for lack of trying. I think rather that it is in a poor location. 

Tammy and I are talking about options for next year. I guess we have that in common with farmers-a perpetual hope for a better next season!

USA Made

You all know how strongly I feel about making things in the USA, so I was excited to find this watch. The Weiss American Issue Field Watch.

Weiss Watch Company makes a quality watch in the USA for a reasonable price. Weiss also offers a watch that is made in USA with a Swiss movement.

To be clear, there are other watch makers in the USA, but either the cost is out of reach of most people, or the movement or parts are not made here, or some combination. 

The FTC is very protective of words like USA made, requiring virtually all components to be made here. Cameron Weiss and his team have brought back practices that went off shore more than 40 years ago.

Way to go!